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The long awaited Forks Tour

Welcome to the Forks Tour! . Edition 1...haha. I, the most obsessed fan in the world will be your guide. No LJ cut yet. Maybe later. because I knew how much you all wanted to see this. WARNING: Spoilers may suddenly appear.

This is a simple hallway of the REAL Forks High. Imagine...any one of these lockers could be Bella's or Edward's...it could be that one...or that one..or that one...Amazing, eh? I'd like to think Edward's locker is the one with something stuck to it. I imagine he gets a lot of secret admirers.

This is most likely where Bella sat on her first day of school. *sighs* Can you imagine how great it would be to sit there just once?! *breathes*

*DIES* That my dear friends....is the Cullen table!  The most solitary table in the whole cafetorium. This is where the gorgeous family pretends to eat and tries not to think about the neck's of their schoolmates. 

The alleyway where Bella was rescued by Edward and his mighty steed. Er...Volvo. 

First Beach at La Push. Where Bella first meets  pre-pubescent Jacob. Yay, Jacob! 

And that's all I've got....for now. I SO have to go to these places for myself some day. Don't you all like, totally wanna come with me now? Have I intregued thee?....eh..I tried.
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