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Juiceboxes are awesome...

At Work
Samantha: You wish you were a guy?
Me: Sometimes. *shrugs*
Samantha: But...why?
Me: Because I could do a MUCH better job. 

*sips on juice* I mean, think about it...the Renaissance man is dead. Chivalry is gone. It's shows like Laguna Beach and The OC that make the guys of Western society believe that if you are an arrogant prick, you'll get all the ladies. Which ultimately becomes the truth, because us poor women are exposed to that reasoning and believe it to be true. *sighs* Why don't you exist Edward?, Why?! 
I find it idiotic how women are fawning over the fugliest and most uncouth and vile men ever imaginable. Women are constantly settling for less because they think they can do no better and/or have no idea what better guys there are in the world. Yeah, I know, who am I or any other person for that matter, to say that one person is better than another? I can't. But seeing women bend over and kiss the feet of men who hit them and make them feel like they're worthless and inferior really bothers me...erg..I'm ranting. The tv just bothered me today, that's all. Anyways, I AM in a good mood. Semi went well last night. I did a lot more mixing than I thought I would, which was nice. Erm...Tomorrow's gonna be fun! I found some super cool pictures of Forks. And..I've decided I'm going to make my own Twilight Cast! Whee. From now on...everyone will see the characters as I see them! This will be fun. 

I saw Jackass II today. It was disgusting, and senseless and halarious..and...I don't know what more to say. Ville Valo was in it! You see exactly how he keeps his pelvic area so nice and smooth, that's for sure. *makes strange face*  Bam Margera is LOVE! *gasp* speaking of  things that are LOVE, I need to make a Twilight rainbow banner!!!! How have I not already?! OMG TOMORROW'S GONNA BE A FIELD DAY! *hyperventilates* I need sleep! Tura! 

PS: I want my pictures back from Katie! My god, does it take THAT long to make me look half decent on photoshop?!  It's been forever! *le sigh* I kinda want more pictures now too...I'm a picture whore. To the max.

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