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Motherfukin' Yeah!

THEATRE CENTRAL WENT ORGASMICALLY! It was so much fun. The adrenaline is AMAZING! I'm so happy. I'm so happy the first one is over. Now I'm not too nervous to go tomorrow. There are a few lighting details to work out. But I'm still "ahh!" If you saw me after the show, you'd know. I couldn't think, talk or breathe. We all worked so hard. Wow. Tomorrow will be even better. *smiles* Acting is the best feeling in the world. Just to be in front of people. Singing as well.
To look down at the people and know that they payed to see you. They're watching you. You belong to them and they belong to you for however long you're on that stage and..AH! maybe I can relax more tomorrow. I'm overreacting I know. Just two short plays. But I love them both. Thank you Kristin, Thank you Ashley, Thank you Tom! You guys are awesome for doing this! *smooches*
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