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My shit is custom

So..I spruced up the layout a bit. Because I always have to have my layouts say my username. It feels funny otherwise. I don't know if I like it though..It looks/feels very empty. I should fix that later. No more photoshop/html for me. *le sigh* I'm rather bored. And a little hungry. I still haven't had breakfast yet. I think I'm gonna go for a walk. And buy a bagel. later.

Okay, so my dream was me, Mitch and Rachael were walking around the school grounds of central. And we found this really raggedy looking church in the back. And Mitch was all:
"Holy shit, this is cool." 
Me and Rachael thought it was gross because it was dusty and stuff. But Fink was all: "We're fixing it up and we're staying here for the night. It'll be fun" 
So I say alright. And I go home to get some stuff like clothes, flashlight, candles..all that good stuff. And I came downstairs and told my parents I was sleeping over at Rachael's house. And just like they would in real life..the parentals made a huge-ass deal about it and started yelling. I just left. So when I got back to the old church, Mitch and Rachael were already there. We made a really cool bed to sleep in for the night and fixed up the church a little before it got dark. When it was late enough we all went to sleep. But then there were like, ghosts flying around. And we were all scared as hell [no shit]. And everyone knows that I'm SO ghetto. So I was all:
"Hey guys, I brought a gun!" And I took it out and started shooting at the ghosts. Obviously it didn't work. 
And then Rachael was all: "Where the fuck is Buffy?!" 
And then we ran away. The End.
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