Darling Violetta (nenime_lissuin) wrote,
Darling Violetta

*humms a happy tune* :)

I'm STILL giddy! My god, what's wrong with me? If you see me at school, you should take account of the noticible happy glow I have over me now. It's great. I'm at the school library right now. With the book Memoirs of a Geisha at my side. I've been dying to read this book forever! Finnally! I got a 78% in History. Which isn't horribly bad, but if it remains that way or gets better, I should have an A average this semester, which makes me happy. I won't be able to pull off that next semester when I have both math and science riding my ass.  My parents think I have Theatre Central tonight. Good. That should leave me some time to myself this afternoon after school. I know, I sound like a brat. But if you know my parents..you'll understand how a couple hours by myself after school can thrill me into convulsions. The nice librarian lady said I have a beatiful name. I never used to like my name. Especially the first. It's so odd. But I'm actually starting to like it. My name means "Mighty in Battle". Which is pretty cool, I think. Is it true?..unlikely. But I came to the conclusion a while ago. When I get married, I don't think I'm gonna change it. Well...IF I ever get married, anyways....
Anywhoo, I really want to read this book. And I kinda have to pee. [Yes, you needed to know that...] Tura!
Tags: a average, happy glow, memoirs of a geisha, name
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